picture Knot theory, 3-manifold topology and their applications to DNA topology, polymer chemistry and material science.
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Recent Activities

``Metal-peptide rings form highly entangled topologically inequivalent frameworks with the same ring- and crossing-numbers'' Tomohisa Sawada, Ami Saito, Kenki Tamiya, Koya Shimokawa, Yutaro Hisada, and Makoto Fujita has appeared in Nature Communications 2019.2.24:
``Neighborhood equivalence for multibranched surfaces in 3-manifolds'' Kai Ishihara, Yuya Koda, Makoto Ozawa, and Koya Shimokawa has appeared in Topology Appl. 2018.8.20:
We will organize a conference “The Topology of Nucleic Acids: Research at the Interface of Low-Dimensional Topology, Polymer Physics and Molecular Biology” (19w5226) (Mar 24-29, 2019), at Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery, Banff, Alberta, Canada.


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