List of Talks

Part I

Fukui,T.(ʡҽ) and Ballesteros,J.J.N. ----- 1

Umbilics of surfaces as rounding points

Kaneta, H. (ġ) and Pambianco,F. ----- 20

The most symmetric non-singular plane curves of degree n7

Kebekus,S. ----- 25

Bounds for families of singular rational curves

Kondo,S. (ƼǷ ----- 32

A ball quotient structure for the moduli space of curves of genus 4

Kuo,T.-C. ----- 38

Analytic singularity theory and calculus

Okada,N. (ľ) ----- 42

An example of holomorphic maps which cannot be extended meromorphically across a closed fractal subset

Sakai,F.ʼʸͺ ----- 54

Defining equations of rational cuspidal curves with one place at infinity (After K.Tono)

Tono,K. () ----- 64

On rational cuspidal curves of Lin-Zaidenberg type

Yoshihara,H.ʵȸס ----- 98

Field theory and geometry for function fileds of plane curves

Part II

Takamura,S. (¼) ----- 115