Kiwamu Watanabe

I am working as an Assistant Professor at Saitama University

E-mail: kwatanab followed by at

AddressCourse of Mathematics, Programs in Mathematics, Electronics and Informatics, 
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University.
Shimo-Okubo 255, Sakura-ku Saitama-shi, 338-8570 JAPAN
[Room No. 1335 (3rd floor of Faculty of Science Bldg. No. 1)]

Research InterestMy research area lies in algebraic geometry. 
In these years, I have been working on the Campana-Peternell conjecture "Any Fano manifold with nef tangent bundle is homogeneous".
Furthermore, I study rational curves on Fano varieties, higher dimensional varieties and some topics in projective geometry such as classification theory of polarized varieties. 

Key words: Fano variety, homogeneous manifold, Camapana-Peternell conjecture, uniruled variety, rational curve, VMRT. 

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